Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cruise Vacation and Boredom?

A question was asked by someone today that tells me there is still a big misconception about cruising. It related to an Alaska Cruise and the person was concerned about being "bored" while on the cruise. "Sure, there are plenty of things to see while in Alaska and great photo ops, but what about when on the ship?" was the comment.

When I hear boredom and cruising in the same sentence I really do shake my head in amazement. With the cruise ships that are being built today, they are incredible destinations in themselves even if they never stopped anywhere! With bowling alleys, ice skating rinks, in-line skating, rock climbing walls, sports courts (yes even shuffle board), movies, multiple lounges with a variety of entertainment, the main showroom with a different show every night - production numbers, comedians, acrobatics, magicians and who knows what, not to mention lounging by pools, hot tubs, libarary, card rooms and just quiet places to reflect and think. Did I forget all the activities the cruise director's staff have going on or the casino or bingo if you enjoy these things?

The person who thinks they will be bored on a cruise ship probably also thinks that a 0-0 baseball game going into the 9th inning is boring. The point is this. If you are a boring person and want to figure out how to be bored, then anything will be boring probably.

The beauty of a cruise is you have so many choices, it's really hard to decide what to do. There really is something for everyone; at any age. OK, the 6 - 18 months old are not included in that statement so why not leave the baby with the grandparent since babies don't know what is going on and the parents can't enjoy themselves because THAT is the same as being home - taking care of the kid - and others on the ship already know you have the cutest baby ever born and really don't care to hear babies crying. Sorry, I digress.

If nothing else, just the anticipation of the next port of call and visiting a new place is exciting. With about 150 different ships sailing all over the world, do you think the world is boring? So if you think you will bored on a cruise ship, think again or stay home and be bored by yourself and let the rest of us have a great time. After all, that is what a vacation is for anyway - doing different things, seeing different places, relaxing and meeting new people who just might become life-long friends. Even the crew members are fun to talk with and learn about their homelands.

Boring and cruising? Not a chance unless that is YOUR choice.


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