Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cruise Fuel Supplement Update

I want to commend Royal Caribbean International (RCCL) for doing the right thing now in regards to the fuel supplement imposed on passengers who were already booked before November 16, 2007 and had this added to the cost of their cruise "out of the blue."This was done in conjunction with the Fl. Attorney General who received hundreds of complaints from consumers. I will also say that I expect Carnival Corp to be doing something similar although details are not public yet, hopefully on all their brands.

And I can not let it slide that Norwegian Cruise Line did it the right way right from the start- they never added it to those people who were booked prior to the date this was announced!

RCCL has agreed to return somewhere in the vicinity of $21 million to passengers who were booked prior to the implementation date of the fuel supplement (and let me say that I understand it was a necessity with the cost of fuel and I am even paying it myself on our cruise in April. Those who have already sailed will get a refund and those who will be going on their trip in the future will receive an on board credit for that trip.

Even with this extra cost, a cruise is still the best vacation value you can purchase. When you consider the food, the entertainment, the activities, the ambiance, and all that you get which is included in the cost of a cruise, the consumer really does get their money's worth. That's why I love to cruise! Our love of cruising is what got us in this business in the first place.

And soon I will be back to being able to concentrate totally on introducing new customers to this wonderful way to vacation. Introducing others to being an agent was a real privilege also, but my first love (other than Helen) is taking care of clients and especially "first time" cruisers and helping them plan their first experience.

Personally, we're counting down to April 14th and our Transatlantic and Mediterranean cruise on the Emerald Princess. Since it is now a retirement cruise too, it's even better.

Well they are still paying me here in the office so I need to get back to work. Until later

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