Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Need more copies of ship photos?

On the Carnival Fascination this past weekend, I learned something new (maybe I knew it but forgot or never thought about it since it never came up before) and thought it was worth sharing. Many of you probably knew this already but here goes.

Since we had a grandson visit us for a week, we decided to treat him to a cruise as an early birthday present (any excuse to cruise works for us ). One of the things we have been doing since our very first cruise is buy the Welcome Aboard picture. In fact, if you visit our website and the page where you can meet us, that is the first one from the Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas in Dec 1997. Helen wishes I would change it but it is so significant to our last 10+ years cruising, and how we became Cruise Specialists, I just will not do it (and she doesn't know how to so I get my way on this one ).

When we went to buy the photo on this trip there was only one copy printed. We needed one for our collection and we wanted him to have one since he would never have the "first cruise Welcome Aboard" picture opportunity. I never really paid attention to the fact that there is a number on the back of the photo and we could simply order an extra copy. We ordered it Sunday evening and picked it up Monday morning. It was that simple!

So if you ever are in the situation of needing additional copies of ship photos, you can get them. Can you order after you leave the ship? I'm not sure but I guess on our next cruise I will ask since I just asked myself the question.

A simple thought but maybe will prove worthwhile for someone in the future. Happy sailing.

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