Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We always say St Thomas is great for shopping

It's hard to believe but we are back on a cruise ship again. After the Splendor, we were on the beautiful and luxurious Celebrity Solstice for a couple of days last weekend and this past Sun, flew to San Juan for a S Caribbean cruise on the Caribbean Princess (our 3rd time on this girl).

Yesterday we were in St. Thomas and we had one "mission" to find a particular item but the store did not have it unfortunately. But we walked around and visited several shops. Lo and behold - in Cardou Jewelers, we found something for Helen we have been looking for for a very long time - earring jackets! We have checked stores in the US, we have checked stores in every island we have gone to and even in Europe to no avail.

When we asked (out of habit more than anything else) if they even knew what they were, the lady directed us to a counter and there they had some. It almost didn't matter the cost - it was mission accomplished finally. (They weren't that bad either especially with a little extra discount she gave us.)

We also saw something very interesting in a little store called Minor's Gems on a side street. They had a life sized figure in the doorway that talked to you as you walked by. Quite a surprise to really this thing wasn't human. The two gals who work there (Crystal and Ferrah) were so friendly we chatted with them for a few moments and when they mentioned they had glacier jewelery, I went through my digital camera to find the picture we took of a piece of iceberg (abut 400 pound piece) brought onto the ship when we were in Alaska back in Sept.

It turns out that this outfit has stores in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway and they have some really nice and unique items. Crystal showed Helen a bracelet and had it put it on. It was nice, very, very nice and only $35,000! Not today Crystal!

We did find something for a niece for the holidays and it really was a bargain and they do have many such items in this little store and probably many more in Alaska. We will be sure to mention this shop to those coming to St. Thomas or Alaska in the future.

I can't do it now but will definitely try to upload the picture of these two warm and friendly girls and their "miner" doorman when we get back. Thanks again Crystal and Ferrah for your hospitality.
In a couple of days, I will post information on a special live online webinar we have scheduled for Dec 10th where we will be previewing the Carnival Splendor, the Celebrity Solstice, the Ruby Princess and a special behind the scenes look at how we research cruises and find the best pricing for our clients. Stay tuned for that as there will be limited space for this broadcast that will come right to your computer from our office and I'll tell you how to get the login information needed for both the computer and toll free teleconference number.


The Cruisin' Fools said...

Hey Al and Helen great report on our favorite shopping port. We will be out on Carnivals Freedom in two weeks to the Western Caribbean.
Tim and Di

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Alan & Helen! Its Crystal with Miner's Gem in Saint Thomas, U.S.V.I. Its great to see you had commented about our shop=)I just want to clearify that the tag may have said 35,000 on a particular piece but the Saint Thomas out the door price without tax would go for about 10,500=) I wouldn't want anyone to think we over price! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your carribean excursion! It was great meeting you. Safe travels and we do hope to see you in our Alaskan locations! Our website is ejewelrydesigns.com , we design our own pieces so there is no middle man! Christams is just around the corner..tis the season to buy diamonds! Happy Holidays!