Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm Back

Yes, it has been a couple of months since I last wrote anything on my blog. There is a simple explanation for this. I've been quite lazy this summer! That's it and I admit it.

I basically needed some good R&R time and although we've been taking care of our clients, helping our associates, and have been operating our business, we've done it very low key for the past 9 weeks or so. We haven't even written a new Cruise Newz and Views (our monthly newsletter) since June issue

After almost 8 years of thinking cruising 24/7, I just decided to take a good mental break. We've worked on some things around the house, and have taken short get-a-way trips, have had company, and also have done "nothing at all."

Upcoming trips for us will be on the Carnival Liberty (our 3rd time on this ship) at the end of the month followed by some company at our house. Then it is a trip to TX (by car) for a granddaughter's wedding, back home for more company for a week and 1/2 and then on to our National Conference on the Carnival Pride departing from Baltimore.

We have been working on a few ideas now that we decided the "do nothing" time is over. From the views meter though, many have been checking back for new postings over the summer so I do thank you for your loyalty and patience. I'll see what I can do now to be more consistent with new topics. You can help by sending questions or topic ideas to or just posting to this on the blog.

Hope you all have had a good summer and stay tuned

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