Saturday, November 21, 2009

Special First Time Cruisers

Although we love first time cruisers, why would this one be special? Simply because it is my brother and sister-in-law!

We did our first cruise 12 years ago next month and always enjoy re-living that experience through the eyes of those we book on their first cruise. We have been in the business of professional cruise specialists for 8 years now. Yesterday, my bro and sister-in-law, who have heard us talk about our wonderful experiences, embarked on a ship - the Carnival Elation - for their first cruise experience.

They have been on the water in small (48-80 foot boats) so that part was not new. But Gloria's comment when we talked to them a few hours after they boarded, had lunch, explored the ship, etc., was "This is HUGE!" We laughed because at only 70,000 GT we consider this a small ship these days.

Gloria had set this up as a special birthday present for Don's 60th and since he is the one who is always creating surprises for others, when they sprung this trip on him (at a surprise party in Sept, too I might add), he was surprised. He hadn't thought too much about it until they arrived at the port in San Diego yesterday but once on board, he did realize "this is going to be a very relaxing and fun weekend." I will continue this one when we speak on Monday after they get back.


Gloria said...

That was very neat to read what you had to say about our first cruise and how it all came about. It was so true, and I still think the ship was huge!

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen & Al, Well now Gloria and I can add something to our "bucket list" (and yes we have a big bucket)... we are adding numerous ports of call!
That was an awesome trip and we are ready to go again.
Gloria my love thank you for the present we shared and what a birthday present it was.
We are already planning our next cruise.
Your Bro,
P.S. We are no longer "cruise virgins."

maria said...

Great to read your post. hope you continue to reflect on the past year as you go forward with grad school. come visit wellspring when you can.
Thank you for this final post. It sums up nicely what you've learned, and I pray that God would continue to unfold His heart and plans for your life, Hannah. So blessed to have been a small part of this journey of faith!I will be meeting you on your other the name!

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Anonymous said...

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