Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Party Has Begun

Well, it's close to midnight on 4/13. Our coming and going party was a big success with clients of ours meeting other clients of ours. Some came off a ship today and others are going tomorrow both with us and on other ships. It's a pleasure to be able to put things like this together since we live in S FL.

Helen and I set another record for us. We were actually all packed yesterday (2 days early) except for the toilitries which is the last thing. For 16 nights we still probably are taking too much and have 3 suitcases and the duffell with the shoes. Normally we would be finishing packing now for a 6 AM flight. Of course, with the party we had to get it done early.

We'll be heading to the port around 12:30 tomorrow instead of 11 like we normally would since we need to time our arrival with a cruise line transfer bus as our first time cruiser should arrive there around 1 and we don't want her to have to go through check all by herself. Actually, we want to get a picture of her when she steps on this beautiful ship. It is so much fun to relive our first experience getting on a ship through other people's eyes. I hope I can figure out how to download pictures to my laptop and maybe even post a picture on a posting. I'm taking the book to learn how to use the camera and then have to figure out how to add pictures on this thing.

So it's time for a glass of "vino" since the party's done, my desk is clear and I can relax until morning. Next posting will be at sea as we set sail for Europe.

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Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage to you and Helen. Wish we were going with you. Almost happend for Graduation cruise from Priness but Di could not get time off work.
Tim and Diane Dewing