Monday, April 28, 2008

Tuscany Region in Italy

The pictures will never do justice to our tour today! At this time of the year the Tuccan Region is so green and lush but that will change in a month or so when the wheat is cut and the real heat sets in.

Today our tour included two medieval cities - San Gimignano and Volterra. We also had lunch at a beautiful old farmhouse Frattoria San Donoato. A true Italian lunch with all types of appetizers to begin with, some great fresh pasta and then homemade biscotti's. Of course we also had the wine and appertif they produce on the farm. All the items were fresh local things and what a pleasure it was.

The two medieval cities we visited were quite the site. both built around the 3rd century and at Valterra, there were even some ancient Roman ruins from BC. The views from both since they were on a hilltop were indescribable which is why I said the pictures will not do it justice (but we took plenty).

A real treat in Valterra which is also the Alabascar capital of the world was watching one of the artist sculpturers create a little vase from a piece of alabascar. As soon as he was done I asked him how much for it before anyone else thought of it. $10 Euro and we are bringing it home. We do have a nice picture of him when creating it and when finished. It will be a super memorable momento of this trip.

In the other city we found a Gelato shop with the World Champion Gelato makers for both 2006-2207 and 2008-2009. Gelato is great but this was outstanding! We took a picture of Helen and I outside the shop under their sign eating the Gelato. I intend to submit this picture to Princess for their photo contest and maybe it will win us a cruise. Time will tell.

It's France tomorrow and then back to the ship to pack since we end this trip on Wed morning. It has been a glorious cruise. One day hopefully anyone who reads this blog will experience it also and even if you don't book it through us, book it and do it!


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