Friday, October 10, 2008

Times are tough - why a cruise vacation might be good

The housing market is a wreck, the financial markets are in a freefall (is the bottom near?), people are stressed out about their jobs and a vacation is probably the last thing on your mind. So why think about a cruise vacation now?

Maybe because we all need a time to relax and rejuvenate and what better way than a nice cruise which includes food, entertainment, activities or time to just "get away from it all" and read a good book while out on the high seas.

October is National Cruise Vacation Month and there are many specials and promotions coming up shortly in conjunction with CLIA's World's Largest Cruise Night on October 16th. We are featuring 5 different short cruise line video previews daily on our special webpage set up just for you

and the videos will change every other day for the remainder of October. A total of 21 cruise lines are being previewed. And the best part - FOR YOU - the promotions involve discounts, upgrades, reduced deposit amounts and/or on board credit. The "booking windows" vary but you will get to take advantage of these promotions between Oct 15th and 17th for sure and many will run through October and some even into November. Some of these promos are for select sailings or destinations, but many are simply for any ship in a specified date range well into 2009.

Here's another thought. Times are tough but the cruise lines still need to fill their ships and with the abundance of cruise ships that will be back sailing in the Caribbean this winter, prices are extremely attractive for you. If you live up north, you know a few days on the beach in Jan, Feb, Mar is an ideal plan and loking forward to that can help you through these troubled days.

Another thing to consider is book a lower type category (ocean view instead of balcony) or even an interior cabin which is lower priced. The point is give up a little something to do something that will allow you the chance to relax and enjoy for a week. That's good value in these tough times.

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