Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back to work

It has taken a few days to catch up once the trip was over and get back to a normal (what is normal?) routine. Besides taking care of client issues and situations, it was also planning some of the new things we are working on for our clients and prospective clients.

One of the things to do was to go through all the entries of names that were submitted for our "Name the Newsletter" contest. We had some very creative names submitted and it did take a couple of days to choose the "short list" for the final voting by everyone.

(To see the list if you are not on our e-mail distribution list click on the link below to our website page

We sent out the list of names to vote on at 11:30 PM and had over 15 replies by 7 in the morning. As of today, it looks like 4 names are the favorites and are in a close race. Voting continues until next Sunday October 5th. It is also interesting to read some of the comments submitted with the votes.

We will be scheduling our first "online broadcast" and will be featuring Alaska within a few days by showing a beautiful short documentary entitled "Heart of Alaska". This film recently won the "Best Cinematography" award at the NY Film Festival. We will also show some of our pictures taken during the trip. We will have a "door prize" for people attending the broadcast as we have two copies of the DVD to give away. Again, our e-mail distribution list will get advance notice to reserve space for this show.

We did try to find a monument to Benny Benson but was not sucessful in this quest. I figured Juneau would be the best place since it is the State Capital, but the weather was so nasty the day we were there we just went back to the ship after the Salmon Bake.

We are also working on details for a new promotion which we will be announcing either in the first edition of the new newsletter or at the online broadcast (well both but not sure which will be first yet).

I will be writing some comments on a tragic situation that happened in Belize regarding a lady who drowned on a cruise line offerred excursion just recently.

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