Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hubbard yesterday, Juneau today

What an incredible day yesterday at Hubbard Glacier! Although cloudy, the fog lifted about the time we got close to the glacier so we had some excellent views. Hubbard is one of the largest glaciers in the world as it is 6 miles wide and goes about 1000 ft into the sea reaching bottom.

Getting to Hubbard we also pass Turner Glacier which is close by so really two for the price of one. The glacier did some calving and it is something to behold. It sounds like thunder as the ice cracks and then breaks off crashing into the water. I did manage to capture one picture as the ice was coming down and will put on here when I get back next week.

We also were treated to a very unigue thing. The Captain lowered a life boat into the water to take pictures of people on the decks (for the video the ship sells) but also had them get a piece of glacial ice and bring on board so people could take pictures with the ice. The piece was estimated at 400 pounds and they brought to the aft pool area for display.

This captain tried this a couple of cruises back for the first time and it was so well received by those passengers, when he can safely lower a boat he now does this. only one that I know off pulling this off. Again, I have pictures of the ice in the netting used to haul it up.

Today (Thu) we are in Juneau. We went to a Salmon Brunch today close to town but in a wooded area. There is a beautiful waterfall on the side of the mountain. We had eggs, salmon, reindeer sausage, potatoes, bisquits, coffee, apple cider and could toast marshmellows on an open fire. There is also a bear family living in the woods and the baby did come out for a few moments. Unfortunately, we were looking at the waterfall at the time so did not see ourselves but many did who happened to be in the right place in the park area.

That's the thing with the wildlife - they roam free so one nevers knows where or when something will get spotted. There were whales following the ship the other day in the Inside Passage, but like I always say "No matter which side your cabin is on they will be on the other."
We actually were in meetings at the time.

Spent the afternoon resting as I was fighting a little cold from the mist yesterday and it was cold and damp here today. I never did get to look for any monument to Benny Benson. There is something near the statge house I was told.

We are getting ready to set sail shortly and tomorrow we go to Sitka. Never having been there before, we are looking forward to this port we've heard much about - it is supposed to be very Russain influence in architecture and more.

The food has been great the entire trip and we have not heard any complaints (I'm sure there ares since food is such a subjective thing anyway. Then again, some cruise line sponsers a cocktail party for us every night so............................................

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