Sunday, September 14, 2008

On the train to Vancouver

I'm actually writing this while traveling on the train between Seattle and BC where we get ship. It is also a test for the broadband service I pay for. If you read this, it works .

Flights were long but smooth yesterday and the weather was great when we arrived in Seattle. After checking into hotel, we made contact with friends we planned to have dinner with at the Space Needle and rested.

The Space Needle is impressive! If you get to Seattle, it is a must do. Of course several cruise lines sail from here for Alaska cruise so one day you might. The restaurant is amazing and it is some experience. Of course, only the area where the tables are rotate around, not the structure itself.

As we are slowly revolving and getting the different panoramic view of Seattle and Puget Sound, all of a sudden we noticed things on the ledge of the windows (the ledge is staionary) and people actually put notes and things and eventually (it takes 47 minutes to revolve) you get back to your note. One young person put one on the ledge saying it was her birthday party and there were $ bills next to it. There were several things but that was pretty interesting (I wonder how much she collected?)

Dinner and the service were extremely good but in all honesty, you are paying for the ambiance and view. One needs to figure about $75 pp for dinner. There is a $35 pp minimum but appetizer, soup, dessert and coffee will be about that. Most meals were $40+. Limited menu but nice choices.

We are on the train with several friends and other agents heading towards our annual conference and the jokes are really starting to heat up. We know that the week will be filled with sights, great learning, and fun (it is our 7th conference).

That's it so far so from somewhere along the rails I will say so long for today Next post will be when we are sailing along the Inside Passage.

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