Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sitka yesterday, at sea today

Unfortunately, it was another damp and drizzly day yesterday in Sitka but we did manage to go into the town for a little while. Sitka is situated along some beautiful mountains and there are many little islands scattered around. On many of them we could see one house and not sure if there were others. The is a strong Russian influence in this town as it was part of Russia and their main area outside of their own country before selling to US. Interesting story about that transaction and maybe we'll get to send something out about it in a future e-mail.

The town is quaint and one of the stores we saw was an old Ben Franklin five and dime (not 5 and 10 cents anymore though). We hadn't seen one of these for years. There were many shops with local artisan creations and just walking into them is like going into museums.

Had to "suffer" through another cocktail party last night which was a theme night by the company - "where in the world are you?" Agents dressed up representing different areas of the world (some did but many did not) and some were very creative as always. I was asked to be on the panel as a judge (briberies were excepted ) but the 3 of us did a fair job of selecting winners in the different categories.

Today we are sailing on the Pacific side of the mountains as we head to Victoria BC. Meetings all day today and our awards ceremony tonight. Tomorrow we will be going to Beuchart Gardens in the afternoon and hopefully weather will be cooperative.

Not much else to report today. I may post from the ship tomorrow or when in airport on Mon as we wait for our flight home.

As a reminder, only a few days left to enter our "Name the Newsletter " contest before we select the names submitted to vote on. We'll also be scheduling our online braodcast about Alaska sometime later in the week and will be able to show some of the pictures we have taken.

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