Monday, September 15, 2008

From the Ship in AK

It's Monday and we are somewhere along the inside passage. Alaska is all about the scenery but guess what. It was so foggy this morning, we could not see the shoreline. See, it even happens to us professionals.

Sailaway out of Vancouver was great. The sun was shining and the temps were pretty mild. We did have some great scenery heading out and I hope some of the pictures come out OK. We actually saw an Otter (they are so cute) while in the Port of Vancouver.

Spent most of today in meetings (it is a working trip) and got some great info. We'll share some at the online braodcast coming up in a few weeks.

Can't tell you about the food because Celebrity sponsored the party last night and put out such a spread for us, no one was hungrey afterward. We will be in the dining room tonight so will find out how it goes and post tomorrow. The buffet for lunch both yesterday and today was very nice. Pizza just so so but I'll give them another chance.

The ship is very nice although we do notice some little things that could be worked on and will mention them when opportunity presents itself.

It's early evening and the sun has come out but we are on the port side so can't see the land. That's something we'll be able to discuss when you ask about which side of the ship the cabin should be on. Actually for inside passage, it really makes no difference normally. However on this trip we will actually sail back to Victoria on the outside (Pacific route) so will not have much to say about the scenery.

Tomorrow is Ketchikan. The battery is getting low so that's it for today. I'll charge it up tonight and talk about our tour in the next post. I believe we are going to Saxman Indian Village where they make totem poles. Totem poles are for fun and not religious and I will tell you that now. We learned that last time we were here.

From the calm sea in Alaska, good evening everyone.


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