Sunday, September 21, 2008

The cruise is almost over

Yesterday we spent mostly in meetings as it was a day at sea and we really are here on this wonderful trip working. Last night was our awards ceremony and it was nice to have moved up to a new award level thanks to all our wonderful and loyal customers.

As you may or may not know, I did spend almost 3 years recruiting new agents for our company and it was a thrill to see so many of my "children" win awards this year and one even was Rookie of the Year.

We had a special invitation to take a private tour backstage of the main theater yesterday and boy did I learn to have even more respect for the singers and dancers of the production numbers. I thought they had much more space to change costumes and was absolutely blown away with the small area back there for them. Not only do they need to learn all the routines we passengers see, but they have to coreograph even move involved in changing costumes. If someone is in the wrong place, it can have a major domino effect on the next routine.

One of the dancers said that it doesn't take long to get over being shy and that is all I will say about that .

Today we were taken to Buchart Gardens in beautiful Victoria BC. These gardens are a historic site of over 100 years and learned the story of how Jenny Buchart created this magnificent gardens back in 1902. (I will put this info into another forum - probably our newsletter.) We did take many pictures but they will just not do it justice as you need to really see the panoramic beauty of this place. We have recommended this to clients for years even though this is our first time here. What we thought we knew is only 10% of what we saw. The gardens are absolutely amazing!

It's our last night on the Celebrity Mercury and that is always a sad time. Not just that we get "evicted" from the ship in the morning but we have many agent friends that we get to spend time with once a year at our annual conference. The training and education is great but the comaraderie we have is priceless.

I hope you have enjoyed following along with us on this Alaskan adventure and I will apologize as I'm sure I'll read back though all these and realized how much I did not cover. But, if you hve never been to Alaska, think about it! It just might be one of your greatest experiences of you lifetime.

Post some comments and let me know if you enjoyed this trip. Thanks.



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