Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why no posts for 2 weeks

OK, so alot of people have either e-mailed or called me and wonder why I haven't written anything since returning home from the Emerald Princess. The answer is, I'm not sure.

The one question I had for myself is "how did I find the time to work at our Corporate Office since I haven't had enough time daily since retiring?" I haven't been out to play golf or any of those "retired" things but simply trying to either catch up with our business or working on the "projects" at home.

We've rearranged our office, living room, guest room and worked on turning our lawn green again (been a drought here in FL), family things and basically getting our "game plan" together for moving forward. We haven't even looked at the 400 pictures we took on the trip nor played with the Wii game that was given to us as a special gift by NCL at last year's conference in the last two weeks.

Did have the pleasure of meeting one of our clients from TX one afternoon when he had about 4 hours in S. FL after a business trip to the area before his return flight home. Anytime any client or friend is in the area we do try to meet up with them. Since we consider any client a part of our cruise family, it's nice to actually meet them in person especially when up to the first time, it has only been by phone contact.

Things are getting back to normal here and we are finally almost organized again. Of course, we are leaving again Sunday on the Carnival Victory for a 7 night W. Caribbean cruise. I will not do a daily post like I did on the Emerald but will try to put something out during the week.

One of the things I like to put out there is answers to questions asked by one person that might help others. So please ask us something you would like to know or wonder about that we could share with others. Post a reply here, send us an e-mail (you can use which is a special e-mail address we have, or even give us a call.

One new committment planned right now is for both Helen and I to take the required courses to complete our ACC certification finally. We have enrolled for several training classes on June 3rd as part of this process. This may not mean much to you but it is a way for us to improve our knowledge and skills to do a better job (and we think we do pretty good now based on our repeat and referral business) for our current and future clients benefit.

I will make the committment to post more often and really would like your help with topics or questions that will be enjoyable for others. You can also go to our website and read cruise news to keep up with articles and of course, check our From Your Cruise Specialist section for anything special we might have going on.

Now it's time to "find my desk" again since it has gotten lost. Oh, I know it's there because something has to be holding all the papers and stuff.