Monday, January 26, 2009

Record # of Passengers in Port Everglades

Port Everglades tops World Record Number of Cruise Passengers for a single day!

On Saturday, January 3, 2009 the total of passengers disembarking and embarking ships was 49,234. This eclipsed the ports own record of 47,229 set about 2 years ago.

There were eleven ships in port that day - Carnival Splendor and Carnival Freedom, Queen Mary 2, Holland America Eurodam, Noordam and Statendam, the Discovery Sun (a small ship that only goes to the Bahamas), MSC Lirica, the Ruby Princess, The Royal Caribbean Navigator fo the Seas, and the Seabourne Pride.

If the ships were put bow to stern, they would stretch 9,869 feet long which is approximately 31 football fields or moved enough passengers to fill 105 747 Jumbo Jets. The number of passengers that day is about 1/3 the population of Hollywood, FL where the port is basically located at (and where we happen to live.)

Turnaround day on any ship is a well "cohreographed" event to begin with but think about the buses moving people from ship to airport and airport to ship, the taxis, the personal cars and don't forget the delivery trucks bringing supplies for each ship.

What an amazing day and accomplishment! And who said no one is going on cruises? The deals are great right now so call us or your travel agent and get yourself booked.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reply to Bobby

Disembarkation normally begins around 7-7:30 AM. With NCL, and some other lines also, if you want to take your own luggage off the ship, you can disembark as soon as ship is cleared in the morning.

Depending on the amount of luggage you have, is it worth it? Only if you have an early flight. since someone is picking you up, I would put luggage outside of cabin as normal and relax in the morning. Once you know your approximate disembark time, e-mail your friend so they can time getting to the port.

Figure 9 AM or so would be a pretty safe guess. Have breakfast and relax. Vacation cruise may have ended but no sense getting back in the "rat race" yet. It will take time to clear customs and immigration and no way to know how long that will be. some of them (the agents) are slower than others and people don't get their stuff in order and hold up the lines.

Since you mention the Pearl, I guess you are going to Miami for the cruise. Pretty easy to connect there so your friend can get there around 9 and wait for you to call them (aren't cell phones wonderful) once you have luggage and clear customs and then come to area to pick you up.

Pearl is a beautiful ship, enjoy the bowling and the Bliss lounge. Hoep this helped you.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hot Deals Temporarily Removed

Happy New Year to all who follow our blog.

We have removed our Hot Deals link temporarily as we make a transition from an Independent Contractor with Cruises Inc., to our sister company Cruise One as an Independent Franchise Owner.

This is strictly a strategic move for us affording us the opportunity to grow our business to new levels. Our dedication to clients will only get better. Our website link will be changing in the very near future but any replies or questions will still get to us during the transition period.

We will be posting information about a special event coming up on Jan 22 so stay tuned for that.