Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Monthly Newsletter

We invite you to receive a FREE copy of our monthly newsletter - Cruise Newz & Views. Each issue has our personal comments, a featured destination, information on new contests or promotions and much more.

One new promotion we started this month is called the "Secret Word". This was an idea that came to us early (and I do mean early) in the AM one day. In each issue, we have hidden a "Secret Word" within one of the stories or sections. We do identify it with the comment "this is the secret word for this month." But we do not tell you where it is (we want you to read and enjoy the newsletter.)

When you book a cruise with us, besides getting the best pricing and best possible service, tell us the current "Secret Word" and you receive $25 on-board credit to spend on that cruise. We will not ask if you know what the word, you have to tell us when you are booking and making your first payment (deposit or final depending on requirement).

To begin receiving your monthly copy via e-mail, simply send your full name to subscribe@askusaboutcruising.com and we will add you to our subscriber list. Once received we will also send you the current issue.

We also have started a client referral program and have our monthly drawing for clients booked during the month. Here's the page on our website about this program: http://arichman.cruiseone.com/travel/cruise_articles/display_editorial.do?edOid=1611584829

And we hope you noticed the entry form we have just added to the blog where you can enter to Win A Cruise!