Friday, October 8, 2010

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Several new policies (or some that have always been in place) are now being enforced by the cruise lines. Mainly, this is the strict enforcement of the final payment due date.

Reservations MUST be paid for by that date or will be cancelled. Since the cancellation will be on the first day of the "penalty period," customers will also be subject to losing their deposits. This is not a new policy per se but is now being enforced.

As many of you know, we always watch the due date closely for you and even move the final payment due date on your invoices back by 10 days from the cruise line due date as a precaution. Now you know why.

Another new Princess and Cunard policy is that only ONE extension of an option will be allowed. Other lines are also being more selective in allowing "option extensions."

We take options for several reasons:

1) It "locks in" a promotional price, category, or cabin location for you;

2) It doesn't cost you (or us) anything;

3) It gives you a chance to request vacation time from your employer.

Another point about options - at one time, the cruise lines allowed us to take an option for about 7 days but of late, options have only been good for about 3 days on average. So remember, when we suggest taking an option, it is in your best interest that we are doing so! Now you know!