Monday, August 18, 2008

Visits to Blog milestone

Thanks to all of you (whomever you are) who read our Blog on a regular basis. Some are fellow agents and some are clients or prospective clients. I only wish the person who had been the one who was the # 1000 visit recorded would have left a comment so I know who you were. Let me know and there might be something in it for you.

I am working on an idea combining this blog and our website for a fun contest and then you will need to identify yourself to enter .

So thanks again all who read this blog and I hope I have given you some good insight, ideas, or information that will be beneficial for your cruise vacations in the future.

I need topics though so please ask questions. In fact, ask questions that I might have to research and I can learn new things too.

1 comment:

The Cruisin' Fools said...

Al and Helen
That 1000 may have been me. I check your blog every day to see what pearls of wisdom you have to pass on. Keep the blog going we really enjoy reading it.
Also gives me ideas for our blog.
Tim and Diane Dewing