Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Better than Facebook (for me)

It's been awhile folks but after experimenting with a Facebook Fan Page, I have decided that I like "blogging" better. So I'm back to stay this time!

Since this is more of a "re-activation" post (I had to remember my passowrd to get back into this). I will add some new content later today.

Currently we are in the final stages of editing our July/August issue of Cruise Newz & Views, our popular newsletter that we send out to our customers and potential customers. If you are not already receiving this in your e-mail Inbox each month, you can subscribe by sending an e-mail to or Be sure to give us your name as our newsletters are personalized.

Some of the sections each issue are "Featured Destination" and "A Little Humor to End With." You will also learn about special contests we run, our exclusive Client Loyalty Rewards Program, and have the opportunity to answer our Question of the Month (annoynomously of course.)

So until later, it's good to be back!

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