Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our newest Team Member - Missy

Ok, not really a new associate agent, but we did get a playmate for Red (there are many of you who know, and we think love Mr. Red) our 8 year old cat.

Wednesday, we went to the Humane Shelter, just to look (yeah right!) at what might be available as Red lost his playmate some time ago. There were some adorable animals - kittens and older cats - but we thought a kitten was the way to go.

There were several pairs or more from the same litter and they were running a "2 for 1" sale (sounds like a cruise line except the cruise line works off the brochure rate that noone pays anyway). Adopt one and get 2 for the same fee which really was a "2 for 1". We saw two little darlings but felt that they would not pay attention to Red and we couldn't do that to our buddy for 8 years.

But then we saw an adorable little 3 month old female and that was that. Did the adoption right then and there however, had to wait until the next day so she could be spayed before bringing her home.

Today, we did the first little introduction and although both were a little apprehensive, there was no hissing or fur standing up. It will take time but we think they will become friends in fairly short order.

We almost named her Princess (one of our favorite cruise lines) and even bought a pet food dish with Princess on it during one of our cruises. But, Mr. Red and Missy made more sense. Have already been asked "Where is a picture?" but don't want to scare her yet with a camera. In a couple of days I will and then maybe figure out how to post it on here.

So if you call about a trip and we are laughing out of control when answering the phone, you'll know why - the two of them are playing and we are having fun watching.

Since this is a BLOG about cruising, let me just add that there are some very good promotions right now including on-board credits and even complimentary Spa treatments on select sailings during the remainder of the year.

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

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