Thursday, July 8, 2010

July Cruise Newz & Views is on it's way

Our monthly newsletter is on it's way this morning. It's FREE but is only sent to our subscriber ist and comes via e-mail. You can subscribe by sending an e-mail with your full name to

One of the reasons to receive this is our Secret Word Game. You might remember a TV game show starring Grocho Marx years ago where during the show, if the contestant said the secret word a duck came down and they won $100 (big money back then).

Needless to say, we can't drop a duck down from your ceiling, so somewhere in each issue we have put a Secret Word for the month. When you are booking a cruise with us, and mention the Secret Word, you become a winner. No, we don't give away a $100 but right now we have a very unique gift. We have been able to secure some Masterpiece Artwork Reproductions. What makes them so interesting is the artwork is on one side and a bio of the artist and the story behind the painting are on the back. We are even including a display stand as it made no sense to us to frame these pieces.

We also have a Featured Destination in each issue and this month we have included a specific shopping reccommendation in the port - a local business we are familiar with and have actually purchased from over the years when visiting this island.

Another one of our exclusive offerrings is our Client Loyalty Rewards Program. Although details on our website, subscribers get advance notice of the current BONUS points promotion in the newsletter. To learn about this program, click on the link below to go directly to the information on our website:

OBTW, when on our website, browse around - we have a wealth of information, the cruise finder, current cruise news articles, and much more.

You can subscribe and also unsubscribe as you choose so there's no obligation and we will NEVER, EVER sell our mailing list to anyone else.

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