Wednesday, July 14, 2010

St. Thomas Random Shooting Incident

The media once again has to tie a random, senseless act of violence that occurred in St. Thomas, with the cruise industry. Why? To sell advertising?

The most unfortunate and sad incident in St. Thomas where a young 14 yr old girl was shot a killed in St. Thomas by a shootout in a neighborhood became news because she was a passenger on a cruise ship.

These stupid and senseless acts of violence take place almost every day in cities and towns across America and other parts of the world. In many cases, the story would be a "30 second" blip on the local news (if that much). The fact that she was on a cruise ship has no bearing on the incident itself. The family was not even on an excursion sold through the cruise line. This family could just have easily been in St. Thomas having arrived by plane. Would the airline be tied into the story? I seriously doubt it!

The cruise line has halted excursions to a very popular beach temporarily and this is an overreaction IMHO. It was an incident in a local neighborhood, had nothing to do with that beach, nothing to do with a cruise ship, but was just "one of those unfortunate things and someone being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

So before you think it is "not safe" on a cruise ship and passengers just get killed, look around your hometown. Do you have a police force? Why? Because things happen and they are not all good! There are criminals, and stupid people everywhere, and the police in most cases can only react AFTER the fact, not before, to apprehend the perpetrator and charge them with the crime.

St. Thomas is one of the most popular ports of call and will continue to be so. I personally look forward to going back for the shopping. Great bargains on things my wife likes and a big savings compared to the prices in the stores here.

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