Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Hardest Question to Answer

In the almost 9 years of being a professional agent specializing in booking cruises for folks, there is one question I am constantly asked that I find the most difficult to answer. This question normally comes from "first time cruisers" or those who have only been on a couple of cruises.

The question is "What is the best ship or cruise line?" All the cruise lines advertise how they are the best which is not much different from any business in any industry. So how does one know the answer to this or who to believe?

Well, IMHO, there is no "Best" ship or cruise line! There is however, something that is probably best for each individual, every time they are looking to plan a cruise vacation! And each time it might be different.

Itinerary, departure port, date of departure, type of accomodation, who is going on the trip, and of course, pricing or as I like to say - value. All of these things have to be taken into consideration to make a good decision.

I think it is a good idea for people to try different cruise lines early on in their cruising experience. We did that ourselves as our first 5 cruises were on 4 different cruise lines. This way we learned about the "personalities" of the different cruise product out there and yes, all the cruise lines do have a different type of personality (or put another way, energy level.)

The basics are the same for all of them - food, entertainment, choice of accomodation, and visiting new places or going back to those that were enjoyed in the past. And of course, one of our favorite things on any cruise is just being out on the open seas.

Do we have our personal favorites now? Sure we do! Part of it has to do with the "perks" we get as a past passenger with that particular cruise line but mostly, it is because we choose, based on our experience, the ship and/or cruise line we enjoy the most and that fit our personality. Does that mean we will not go on other lines? Of course not!

We're the same as you. Each time we plan our own trip, we take into consideration the variables mentioned above - itinerary, departure port, and value etc.

So when you call us to plan a cruise vacation and ask "What is the best cruise line or ship", we will ask you questions and sometimes make recommendations that you did not think of. Our job as your Personal Cruise Consultant is to help you make that good decision so you have a great experience and get the best value each and every time.

You don't have to follow our recommendation (or your favorite agent's reccomendation even if not us) but with over 50 personal cruises now, on many cruise lines and ships, numerous other ship tours and training sessions, traveling to many different destinations, (sometimes the same destination on a different product), and knowing that we know if we do right by you this time, you'll come back to us next time, it just might be worthwhile to try something new. You just might be pleasently surprised.

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