Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Day on the Rock

Well today we had a great tour in Gibralter. We got to see a little of the city and also to the lighthouse area where we got a little of the history of Gibralter. It is at this point where you look west down the Strait of Gibralter, South to N Africa, North to Spain and East into the Med.

After that we went to the Rock. Took the cable car up - 30 people squeezed in like sardines - the mountain to the 412 (something not ft) point (top is at 426) and what a view! Of course if you know the history of Gibralter, this is where the Barbary Apes live and roam free. They will snatch things right out of your hands if you don't watch out. We got some great pictures of these monkeys.

One of them grabbed a ladies pony tail and it was pretty funny (not for her though). They are looking for food and will grab your arm and take any plastic bag right away thinking there is food in it. Mama's and babies and the mommy's really watch out for the kids when anyone gets close to them.

One jumped in our bus when we were leaving and actually sat on the steering wheel - while the van was moving. Dirver finally got him to jump back out of the window. A fascinating experience to be sure. Again, got a picture of the monkey on the wheel and will post that one later on when we are bak home again.

From there we went to the Great Seige Tunnels. Again, a fascinating piece of history. In fact our tour guide was a 2 yr old back when they had to evacuate women and children and was evactuated to Moracco when the war was breaking out (WW2). He did have quite an interesting story to tell and really does know the history of Gibralter. He has written a book (didn't buy it though) and was a history teacher in the schools here for many years.

Last stop was the Gibralter Museum. Not allowed to take pictures so you will have to see this one on your own. It was a great tour and we spent a little time in town and walked back to the ship - and walked, and walked, and walked. Weather was about 70 or so and was pleasent although tiring to do this. Never even found a bar to stop and have a brew since we picked the wrong streets to go down. All residential.

Tomorrow we are at sea for the last time and then it is Gagliari, Rome, Florence and Marseille the last 4 days. May not post each day since we will be up early and are doing 10 hour tours each day. This is going to be like work! Well not quite but is going to be a tiring few days coming up.

We also will be getting our Champagne Balcony Breakfast tomorrow (our bet with a friend on the trip from the Super Bowl - he's a diehard Patriot fan and oh well - he's buying breakfast tomorrow

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