Monday, April 21, 2008

Land Ho!

Well after 161 hours at sea on this absolutely smooth Atlantic crossing, land is just a couple of hours away. We will be visiting Madiera which is a Portugese island off the African Coast. We will be doing the tour with a cable car ride to the top of the highest point on the island and the Botanical Gardens plus whatever else is included in the tour (who knows, we booked it and figure it will be fine even though we don't remember what is included).

Another fine dinner last night and marvelous show with Broadway Star Michelle Murlin. What a voice she has! She probably would have resonated throughout the theater even without a mike. We love the shows on board since it is a live 10 piece orchestra, not piped in music, playing for the entertainers.

The sun is shining today and we expect to have a pleasant day on the island of Madiera.

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The Cruisin' Fools said...

Al, Helen
I just checked Emerald's web cam and guess what I could see you guys going ashore. You were walking kinda funny. Not.
Tim and Diane Dewing