Sunday, April 20, 2008

Off the African Coast (almost)

Well it's Sunday and we are actually somewhat close to the coast of Africa altough we can't see it. In about 24 hours we will be docking in Maderia for our first time off the ship in a week.

This is an incredible crossing as the worse the seas have been is maybe 5 ft the other day. The ship has been sailing an almost perfect straight line from Ft. Lauderdale to Maderia since the calm seas have not caused the Capt to make any adjustments for passenger comfort.

There has been so much going on during the crossing. From the Princess Shcolarship @ Sea program with guest lecturers - finace expert who was the original voice of Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoons, guest artists doing talks on art as they are creating new paintings, a murder mystery writer, and others. Entertainment is non-stop.

Helen and I treated ourselves yesterday to "hot stone" massages. Talk about something relaxing! It's a cruise ship so pampering yourself is a required activity.

All our clients and friends on board are having a blast. Our first timer is so funny. She would like the Capt to just throw away the compass and continue sailing on the ocean-she absolutely loves it (wonder how she would feel with 20 ft seas?). What she doesn't realize is we will need land to fuel up and get more food - The eating contest is in full swing judging by some plates. People do take the "one meal from start to finish" concept as being a continuous event. Slow down folks there's still 10 days to go! Soon the 18 pax elevators will only hold 10 people . Time for a show, then wine tasting, and the Capt Circle party early evening. Another rough day just trying to do all we are choosing to do.

Oh yes, we finally saw another ship (a freighter) heading west yesterday. No icebergs though.

Ciao from the Atlantic about 400 nautical miles from Maderia.

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