Friday, April 18, 2008

It's day 4 of our 6 1/2 accross the Atlantic. Today had the absolute calmest seas you could possibly imagine. It was really like glass, not a ripple anywhere. The sun came out early in the afternoon and the pools were more crowded than the rest of the week.

I was asked to describe the ship so will do so in just a few words - very elegant! I will do a review in more detail upon our return to the real world since we are in fantasy world right now. I will get around one night and take pictures and hopefully figure out how to set up an online album.

Service and food has been wonderful (going to gain weight on the creme bueles).
Only thing a little dissappointing was last night at the Cafe Caribe Italian Night. Had one pasta, and the other dishes were probably real italian but not what we expected. So we went to the dining room and had Fettichini Alfredo after we finished what we had upstairs. We have switched to a reservation in our Personal Choice dining since the team that served us was so good and we had so much fun with them we wanted them for the rest of the cruise.

Did Movie Under the Stars last night and saw Hairspray. Good old fashion musical with much humor and an underlying message too. We did see it before it was released thanks to Carnival Cruise Line and a special preview we got invited to but was worth seeing again in this setting - deck 15 under the sky in the middle of the Atlantic.

Talking with several peopple today and we all noticed we have seen nothing the entire time out here in the ocean- no ships, no freighters, no planes, nothing. If something did happen, we would be toast since nobody could could give us aid.

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