Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good morning from the middle of the Atlantic. We are on a course mostly due east towards Africa. I found the place on the ship where the navigation map is and plan to take a picture of it (I doubt if I would bid enough to win it in the auction). It's 3300+ nautical miles to Maderia from FL so sometime Fri we will be halfway I am guessing.

A little breezy today and there is some "motion on the ocean" but not bad. Still pretty smooth crossing so far.

The main show last night featured an singer named Darren Lynton and what a show he put on. He has some powerful voice and if you see his name on a cruise you are on, do not miss his performance. Although English, he sings in the style and voice of Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Sting, the Rat Pack and more. He also did Phantom of the Opera and received a standing ovation for that one. To know how good this was, keep in mind there are a lot of "mature" people on this cruise and getting up and down for many was not easy so a standing ovation was some compliment. I actually bought his CD which I never do normally but he was that good.

Also went to the movie yesterday P.S I Love You. OK, it's a chick flick but did have a nice underlying storyline and was a funny movie albeit sad in some ways. If you get a chance it is worth seeing for a good old fashion movie with a story line and no violence, or x-rated language.

Not sure of today's plan yet but we are sleeping well (got up at 8:15 this morning which is good for me). We keep the door to the balcony open so we could get the little motion with the sound of the surf. If you never have had a balcony, you might consider it once for this experience and you will sleep like a baby.

Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day - we will

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