Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well got up this morning and looked east, west , north and south and we only see water. It's amazing how small you realize you are on this vast ocean. But it sure is nice view knowing how relaxed and pampered we are.

Breeze did pick up yesterday and we stayed under the dark clouds almost all day until the evening when it started to clear up. Had a little mist but still went on our balcony for a short time. Of course we leave the door open at night for the sound of the surf with the little rocking motion and sleep like a baby.

Our first timer is doing fine and loves this trip so far! She can't beleive she never did a cruise before and already talking about doing more. Others in the group are also having a great time.

Short post today since nothing overly exciting happening as this is the type of cruise where one truly relaxes. Entertainment has been very good all over the ship and it is a big ship. Casino has been bad, good, bad, good - normal but a long way to go. One of our friends made it into the Balckjack Tournament finals and although was down to $200 made a miraculous comeback and ended with $6000. Got him 4th place but since the obituary had been written about 5 hands earlier, quite a feat. Me? Knocked out so fast on a double down I didn't even know I played.

Well it's almost time to get ready for dinner. Heading in this direction, we are actually having 23 hour days since we keep putting the clock ahead each night as we move closer to Europe. Until tomorrow, have a wonderfulo day.

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