Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We're off and sailing

Well it's Tuesday our 1st sea day and we are sailing along with very calm seas. It's a little overcast but pleasent. Can't be sure but I think we are heading east from FL towards Africa and then will head north to the Med.

Sailaway yesterday was wonderful. The sun was shining, the seas like glass, the drinks were good and so many relaxed and friendly people. The ship is really, really nice. Very tasteful decor and the staff is very good up to this point and we expect it to get better since they will start to know the passengers.

Our cruise virgin is doing fine and she is a hoot! They (the meet and greet folks at airport) asked her at the baggage claim if she was "Princess?" and she said "NO, I'm the queen."

Waiting for her at the port so she did not have to board herself and find her way gave us a new experience. We got there about an hour before her and waited outside. By the time she got there an hour later and we checked in and boarded, we got to our cabin and lo and behold, the luggage was there (all but one piece which showed up later). This is the first time that luggage actually beat us to the cabin! We didn't even unpack until after sailaway on purpose another first for us.

Heading to the movies so will continue the saga tomorrow. I'll also tell you what we are seeing. the "boss" planned this one.


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