Friday, April 11, 2008

The New Adventure Begins

A few weeks back I mentioned (I think I did anyway) that April 11th was my retirement date. Well the day is finally here and I left my job at our Corporate Office at approximately 4:20 this afternoon. Now I am a full time Cruise Specialsit helping folks plan and handling their cruise bookings and no longer recruiting new agents for our company.

I've had some folks ask me already how does it feel to be retired or semi-retired? I don't know. This is Friday, I worked all week and the weekend is here the same as it has been for years now. Monday morning will not even answer that question since Helen and I leave on vacation for our wonderful cruise on the Emerald Princess from Ft. Lauderdale and ending in Barcelona Spain. But when we do get home and May 1st rolls around and I don't have to leave home, then maybe I'll be able to answer the question.

I plan to post a daily log of our cruise so please join us as we sail accross the Atlantic and to some wonderful ports in the Med. Well, join us except for the food, the fun, and the ambiance. I'll try to give both humor and perspective of doing a "crossing" and one day maybe you'll give yourself a treat an experience this. It will be our second one.

So check back daily beginning Monday April 14th. Those who know me know that I can come up with some really "out of the norm" things . And for those who don't, well join in the fun.


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