Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You can't win them all

We're in Cadiz Spain today. Had to get up a 6 am since we had a tour starting at 8 and needed a little breakfast first (and of course coffee). Our tour was to a Sherry Winery and the Equestrian School.

OK, we got to taste some Sherry from the Tio Pepe cellars. The sweet was not bad but the dry was like medicine. It was interesting to see the barrels and a little explanation of the process. Unfortunately, they really don't take you to the area where they are really making and processing or bottling the stuff so not a very interesting tour or one we will recommend to clients.

Next it was off to the equestrian school. Again, no show so only saw the Andulusian horses in a warm up and training but no one explained what we were seeing. I could see horses doing this in the paddock area of a racetrack and can at least bet on one of them. Walking through the stables was - ehhh - since they don't allow any pictures. So the most interesting thing of the day, nothing to remember it by. I thought of buying a DVD to see what we had no idea we were watching. For 20 euro, wasn't worth it so I will write this one up to exercise.

Will we let this tour spoil our cruise? Absolutely not. Will I recommend to anyone? Absolutely not. So you can't win them all and tomorrow we are in Gibralter and get to see the "big rock." This should be pretty neat.

We are having a group dinner tonight with all our clients on board and agent friends in the Crown Grill. This is a specialty restaurant - Steak and Seafood - so we ate a light lunch to prepare for it now that we are back on the ship. A nap is in order so until tomorrow.............


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